D'Conira is the fictional planet where Dragon Wars takes place. 

Located in deep space it is one of four habitable planets that orbits a large star. D'Conira rotates on an axis with a slower orbit than earth giving the year 412 days a year, with each day being 27 hours long.  The year is broken up into four seasons

D'Conira is the slightly smaller than earth with a similar atmoshphere, however the air is richer in oxygen leading to much larger wildlife, in specific invertibraes can grow to much larger sizes. 

Northern Hemisphere Edit

The Northern hemisphere is mostly made up of dense forests and powerful rivers that run from the northern ice mountains down to the ocean. There are several large settlements that are rooted in the forests most located along the river Obaran

As the forests near the coast the forests clear out into vast plains and across a small part of the North a barren desert stretches out. 

Southern HemisphereEdit

The Southern hemisphere is a mix of thick dense jungles and swamps. The southern most point is a large saltwater lake . There are only 2 large settlements in the south alongside Daconrian . The large military base that takes up nearly a whole continent by itself.