The Mountain Tribe lives along the Western Mountains, a large mountain range where the Coniran military base is hidden amongst the mountains. 


The Mountain tribe were the first tribe to be drafted into the army. They are respected for their skill in battle alongside their strength and natural ability with metal work. 

The Western Mountains are rich in minerals and ores found nowhere else in the world and so Mountain tribesmen are accomplished miners. The various careers seen in the mountain tribe range from hunters to skilled blacksmiths and saddlemakers. Mountain forged weapons, armour and saddles are known for their quality and so are very valuable in trade situations. 

The Western Mountains are rich in life and hunters can frequently bring home big game to feed the whole tribe. This means that the hunters don't have to go on such long hunts through Bruege

Mountain Tribesmen fight like an armed cavalry, charging forward and using brute strength to push enemies back.

Appearence Edit

Similar to their dragons, Mountain tribesmen are large and very built. They seem to have tougher skin than other tribes but this may simply due to the high amounts of physical labour that Mountain tribe life includes.

Usually members of the tribe keep their hair short or completely shaved to prevent it getting in their eyes when working.

When looking at a Mountain tribesmen you wouldn't think there was any finesse to them however many of the tribe enjoy things like cross-stitching or engraving with finer details in their work. 

Dragons Edit

The mountain dragons are well camoflauged in their mountain environment due to the fact that they look exactly like large boulders. They aren't the best flyers with a small wingspan and an incredibly large body mass. The dragons themselves are very slow and only able to give short powerful bursts of speed. 

Mountain Dragons have very thick stone like skin and are able to withstand a lot of damage before truly getting hurt.