The Night Tribe resides deep in the southern Ever Darks jungles. They're elusive and a very spread out as a tribe with no real center. When humans arrived they first colonised the South, meaning a lot night tribesmen werecast out of their homes and spread apart. Many died and so the passion for the war is strong in this tribe.

Culture Edit

Life for a Night Tribesman is mostly solitary. A dragon and their rider when they come of age will venture off from their family and take the journey to becoming an adult on their own. They receive their first tattoo on this day and are expected to go without help.

Night Tribesman are skilled at stealth, climbing and sneaking. They use this as a hunting skill, sneaking up and ambushing. This makes them very good at assassinations and recon.

Not much is known about the night tribe due to their secretive nature but it is known that they are skilled survivalists.

Appearance Edit

In appearance start off very pale but as they progress on their journey through adulthood they earn new tattoos for each success in their journey.

Each tribesmen would have different tattoos depending on what they have done in their life. Each tribesmen has the starting tattoo they receive on the first day of the journey and from then on there is a world of possibilities for each tattoo.

Some Night Tribesmen choose to shave their heads to show off more tattoos. The tattoos can range from bioluminescent inks to black.

Dragons Edit

Night Dragons are the most solitary and independent dragons, they can maintain a long period away from their riders without feeling the need to check in. This doesn't however mean that they aren't loyal. Night dragons fiercely defend and fight for their riders.

Night dragons have 6 legs and are very leathery and are mostly black with bioluminescent markings.