• Harvay - Harvay is the first season of the year, it has no official end date but is finished once all the crops have been harvested and stored to eat. Harvay is a great time of food and celebration of the new year. It is also the time of year that the Clan Mothers lay eggs. 
  • Sollux - Sollux is the long season where life is relatively easy, food is easy to gather and hunt. Sollux comes to an end at the Festival of the Moon, where Clan Mothers rebuild their nest for the next Harvay. 
  • Bruege - Bruege begins the morning after the Festival of the Moon . Bruege is the season where matured dragons and their riders venture out on long trips gathering resources and food for their tribe to last them through Nukis. 
  • Nukis - Nukis is the second longest season. Most animals go into hibernation throughout Nukis, including the Clan Mothers. Only select crops can grow in the cold months. Nukis comes to an end with the Sun Festival where the coming of Harvay is celebrated once again.